The new book by Dieter Mittelsten Scheid was published by Nicolai Verlag, Berlin in July 2013:

"In the Mirror of Silence" - Buy here

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This book is an invitation to take a pause from the hectic demands of everyday life and immerse oneself in silence and nature, becoming increasingly aware of everything happening in and around us. Drawing on his own personal experiences of silence, the author explores essential questions which gradually arise: what is the basis of the 'I', what takes place in the realm of perception, what is the body and, above all, what is the living essence of each moment? The author links his many-layered reflections and insights to subtle descriptions of nature, sensitive poetry and personal photographic images. Step by step, a kaleidoscopic reality opens up which allows us once again to marvel at the wonder of being - for it is here that we find our true home.