Ceramics by Batya

The ceramic vessels are made by the “pinch and coil” method in which my hands open up a ball of clay in even and repetitive circular movements, forming a thin-walled bowl, which is balanced on one point. When leather dry, the pieces are burnished by a smooth stone giving the surface a beautiful and shiny glow.

The bowls are fired with wood in a raw and unglazed state, either in an open fire or in a cylinder-shaped kiln made out of earth.  By smothering the fire with sawdust, a reduction process lowers the oxygen level causing smoke (carbon) to develop and enter the clay body. This, the oldest known method for the firing of pottery, yields remarkable surface effects on the polished pieces, with rich patterns of smoke and flame, silvery gloss on parts of the clay body, or horn-like appearances on those vessels which were made out of white clay.

The ceramic bowls reflect my attempt to express beauty and simplicity in a harmonious form, which speaks to us through its presence and inspires us to contemplate the relationship between emptiness and fullness and between the formless and the form.

Ceramics photos: COPYRIGHT All ceramic images ©: inga paas | photography l köln.