Breath Treatment

“Breath therapy“ is a holistic body and energy work which is based on psycho-somatic approaches developed in Europe in the 1st half of the 20th century by the Dutch physiotherapist and singer, Cornelis Veening and Dr. Ludwig Schmidt, specialist in natural medicine in Munich, Germany.  Both were influenced by Eastern Yoga and breathing techniques. It was further developed by Ilse Middendorf, in Berlin, who also founded the Middendorf Insititute for Breath Therapy in California and by Herta Richter, director of the ”Atemhaus” in Munich.

The breath brings us in direct contact with our aliveness. Developing an awareness of our natural breathing is, therefore, vital for our sense of well-being. During the breath sessions the flowing movement of breathing is experienced in a supportive space of silence.  As it begins to open, to expand and to be free, we learn to trust this movement and get more in touch with our essence.

During the breath sessions one lies with comfortable clothing on a low padded massage table. The breath practitioner connects with the treated person’s natural breath and invites a sensitive non--verbal dialogue to take place. Through gentle hands-on impulses like holding, lifting, soft pressure and stretching, the awareness of the breath is awakened. This leads to a natural state of relaxation in which tensions and muscular pain dissolve and subtler levels of the flow of energy emerge. This state of attention, sensitivity and self-acceptance has a deep nourishing and harmonizing effect on the psyche and on the whole being. It is an important step towards self-healing.