The Concept


POCI, an oasis in nature, is an invitation to immerse oneself into the present moment and to connect directly with one’s aliveness. It is a place to pause for a while from the pressures and demands of daily life and from the flood of noise, stimuli and information that so often surrounds us. Being freed from tasks and plans, from small talk and discussions, phone and Internet habits, POCI offers a time out - for rest and re-creation.

It invites us to listen, with all senses open, to what is inside and outside of us: to listen to the sounds of the creek, to the movements of leaves and clouds, to feel the heartbeat, the feet touching the earth and a smile crossing our path.

It calls us to listen to the stream of thoughts and inner dialogues: to observe the fleeting images of our lives, the emerging conflicts and their solutions, and to open ourselves for new impressions, creative ideas and unexpected insights.

It is an invitation to simply be, without the measure of time.