POCI, an old Tuscan farm, producing Chianti wine and olive oil, lies on the slope of a hill in the heart of Chianti between Florence and Siena. With 200 acres of land and expansive views, it reaches all the way down to an idyllic riverbed.  With a cluster of stone houses, forests, olive groves, vineyards, winding paths, abundance of flowerbeds, a vegetable garden, and many sweet rooms - it is a paradise of sorts.


In the upper part of POCI are the main houses, comprising different apartments, courtyards, a large seminar room, and a hexagonal pergola covered by Wisteria.

The big guest apartment has four spacious double rooms, a large open living room and kitchen with a fireplace and one bathroom.

The “little house” has 2 rooms, a kitchen and bathroom.

Farther up above the olive groves, at the edge of the forest, a 200 m2 dance place with an earthen floor and panoramic views is used for dance seminars and other movement workshops.


About 900 meters away from the upper houses, at the end of a woodland road, in an untouched valley filled with the magic of changing light, lies “il Mulino Vechio”, POCI’s house of silence.  The restored Mill House, more than 850 years old, stands next to a running creek, which forms natural pools for swimming. This unique and secluded setting, with its inherent tranquility, has served as an ideal place for silent retreats over the past 25 years. 

In the Mill House are six double and one single guest rooms, a communal kitchen with fireplace and two bathrooms. All rooms are in the Tuscan style - cozy, simple and aesthetically beautiful.