Silent retreats

What remains when we stop to describe everything with words, allowing our thoughts to rest and the talk to stop?

What in our world and in ourselves is not made out of words?

Can we listen so intensely that we become aware of the moment where words and thoughts are born?

Can we sense our being so directly that we become immersed in the stream of life, and is it, then, possible to experience nature without separating the seer from the seen?


A silent retreat opens the possibility to delve into such questions, to find new answers and discover a life beyond words.


The path leads inside

into space without form.

Outside the storm,

the raging of time.

But here,

only attention,

the doorway

towards infinity.


All movements,

all sounds

are silenced

in the stillness

of stillness.

Wide open,


no word.

             From “In the Mirror of Silence”

Silent retreats