Group Silent Retreats

The silent meetings in POCI have no ideological or traditional religious orientation.  They are open for all who wish to experience a period of silence within the accepting and supportive atmosphere of a group.

The retreats last from 7 to 14 days, with a group of 8 to 16 people. The first day of each retreat is dedicated to introductions, answering questions, exchanging views on meditation, perception, mental and emotional processes, and going through all practical matters. The intention is to give a sense of security and a feeling of being at home before we enter the days of silence.

The silent retreat ends with a day of integrating group dialogues, in which we share our experiences and prepare for the return to daily life. During the retreat we offer the option to participate in 4 daily meditations.  Weather permitting, we use different spaces in nature for walking and sitting meditations. Participants are free to follow their individual meditation practices.

A communal vegetarian dinner is served in the evening. Each participant prepares his or her own breakfast and lunch.  Once-a-week we practice a day of slow-motion. 

Participation fee:  85 Euros per day, including room and board. 

Please contact us to receive information on future group silent retreats.